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Industrial compactors are designed for a variety of applications and industries. They are used to crush, flatten, or compress

  • cans
  • bottles
  • drums
  • barrels
  • fibrous materials
  • textiles
  • food products
  • metals
  • paper
  • corrugated materials
  • plastics
  • rubber
  • tires and
  • wood chips.

Whatever your specific requirements, E Recovery can provide a compactor to meet your rental needs.

Stationary Compactor

E Recovery’s rental stationary compactors are designed for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Stationary compactors are ideally designed to process dry, solid waste. They can be designed to accept material in a variety of ways, let our sales staff help you with your needs.


If you are interested in renting a Compactor,
please contact our sales staff at
(216) 367-1361
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 Compactor TP 4000HD








Stationary Compactor