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Horizontal Balers

Auto-Tie Balers

Our auto-tie horizontal balers provide an automated approach to baling material through a horizontal press. Material is automatically tied at the end of each bale by the tying mechanism, providing a highly efficient solution for increased capacity baling needs.

An auto-tie baler should be considered when production requirements exceed 150 tons/month.

Auto-tie horizontal balers are ideal for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, mid to large size recycling and material recovery facilities (MRFs), and mid to large size printers.

Auto-tie horizontal balers are ideal for baling: shredded materials, document destruction, OCC, and high paper grades.

Closed Door Balers

Manual-tie balers process material through a horizontal press, and the bales are manually tied. These balers can either be manually loaded, or fed by a conveyor.

closed door horizontal baler should be considered when production requirements are between 50 to 150 tons/month. Closed door horizontal Balers are perfect for baling: OCC, Paper, non-ferrous and plastics.

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